Your Horoscope for the Month of May 2021

By | May 4, 2021

Happy May, Amodrn family! Things are heating up just in time for the summer and we’re so ready to enter a world with fewer restrictions than we had last summer. We’re well into the start of the month of May and there are some interesting things happening for every single sign this month. With the start of Spring, there is generally a sense of renewal. We begin to come out of hibernation and the world starts to pick up the pace a little bit. It gets sunny, starts to rainless, and the weather gets oh so warm. We’ve put together a little guide on what’s to come for you for the month of May, a time where we await summer with bated breath. Keep reading for more on your May horoscope!

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Your Horoscope for the Month of May 2021


Now that you’ve slowed down and celebrated your birth as we enter Taurus season, it’s time for some rest and relaxation. You are so passionate, caring, and loving. Because of the New Moon in Taurus on May 11th, you’ll be able to find out what your new inspiration is. We’re entering the new world a little confused, uneasy, and not sure of where to turn. Make sure you figure this out ASAP!


Happy birthday season, Taurus! We’re celebrating you because of all of the grounding, centered energy you bring into our lives. The spotlight is on you this month, and of course you’re using it to make sure everyone is cared for and has a good time. God, we love you for that!

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Get ready for some abundance, Gemini! You are gearing up for a busy and fun time. You’ll have so much opportunity these next few months when Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13th. So remember, take the time to ground yourself so you don’t get lost in your manifestations and what you truly desire. You need a strong foundation for all of this to flourish!


Alright, superhuman and helper extraordinare! Now that the world is opening up, we need to focus on you. Write down your goals, whatever they are. What do you want to do this summer, this year? Now’s the time to plan. You are always successful and have so much power in your vulnerability, don’t let anyone forget it! With all of your service to others, you deserve all of the good fortune in life!


Leo, the New Moon in Taurus is all about career for you. Because of the way the stars are aligning this month, your relationship to work stays or turns into a healthy relationship. This means you have a stable foundation, one that can’t easily be broken. If you want to take some creative risks or do something on the side that you’re passionate about, you have Saturn on your side. What’s important for you to do in this lifetime? Go do it!

Virgo, have you felt like you’ve been moving away from your usual self, in a good way? Opening up your mind, relaxing a bit more, going with the flow? Things you don’t usually do too often and for good reason. This month’s lunar eclipse and Jupiter’s entrance into Pisces makes your connections, bonds, and alliances all the more strong. Because of your heart being open, your world seeks openness too.

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Libra, the New Moon is all about doing the work for you. You go with the flow and doesn’t dwell on things for too long, but you feel as though you need to make sure you are secure in your relationships. Work out your connections with others, tell them the things that are on your mind. You will feel back at ease in no time!


Scorpios, happiness is all your doing. Your sense of happiness is feeling happy, and just that. It’s not material, it’s not possesive. Happiness (as it should be) is a sense of peace with everything. As long as you stick to this, you will feel grounded in all you do this month and next. Staying here and grounded is best for your emotional side! Don’t let that passion get the best of you in the worst of situations. Work that passion in the best of them, if you know what we mean!

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Sagittarius, it seems as those your crew isn’t giving you the love or attention you deserve. You feel alone, more reserved, and a bit quieter than usual. This is a strange feeling for you. While you are an idealist who always forgives, it seems like this time, you can’t really forget. Mending a relationship is one thing, but going back to where you were is harder for you now. Stay strong in who you are, be friendly, but don’t let your guard down — that’s how you got here in the first place.

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Capricorn … you’re bored, aren’t you? Your usual busy self has done all that one can do during a year-long pause on their life. What can you do to bring your visions to life? Invest in a new hobby that benefits you! Your artistic talents on one side and research-driven analytical mind together will totally make you do a project that might even end up being a souce of income one day.


Aquarius, there’s a sense of romance for you and only you this month, you lucky duck! You’ve been manifesting forming a deep connection with someone, haven’t you? Keep doing it! If you need some advice, we recommend this method. Write down all of your ideal non-physical qualities in a partner and embody them. This mirroring effect is key in finding your soulmate! Good luck!


Pisces, it’s time for some action! You will be very, very busy in the month of May. Make sure you take advantage of everything going on, but take the time to rest as well. You are a delicate soul and that is your superpower, but alone time is needed for the Pisces mind. This is where you can not only relax, but reflect as well. Swim to new heights, so to speak!