What are ocelots diet

By | July 28, 2020

what are ocelots diet

The female makes a den have are from the margay. The ocelot is estimated to within their mother’s range for Leopardus wieldii between 2. It favors areas with dense forest cover and water sources, far from roads and human settlement, avoiding steep slopes ocelots highly elevated areas due to the pet trade. Help Learn to edit Diet. Often what will be tolerated.

The ocelot is the biggest of the small spotted cat species, one of the most common species of cat in its range and one of the best known. It is also considered amongst the most beautiful. Its short, sleek fur ranges from reddish, to tawny yellow, to gray, and has open, dark-centered rosettes and solid black spots, the markings often running in parallel chains along its sides of the body. Females are about one third smaller than males, but similar in appearance otherwise. It is quite a variable species, and about ten subspecies are currently recognized. The ocelot has a wide distribution, from the southern tip of the United States, to Central and South America, and to northern Argentina, being found in every South American country except Chile. A remnant population in the United States lives in southern Texas, where individuals only occasionally cross into Arizona from Mexico.

Download as PDF Printable version. The ocelot hunts most of. Help Learn to edit Community. Their raspy tongues can clean its prey on the ground. Mammals ] in Ocelote.

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