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2nd time’s the charm? Novo Nordisk reups bid for high-dose Ozempic after March FDA snub

Novo Nordisk is back for round two with a new Ozempic dosing regimen. The diabetes specialist resubmitted to the FDA on Friday after a March snub, renewing its bid to compete with Eli Lilly’s already approved higher dose. Novo’s resubmission aims to nab an approval for a once-weekly, 2-mg dose for Ozempic, a GLP-1 drug already approved for weekly dosing at… Read More »

New york times hypertension dash diet

All of the food was provided by the study. For years, we have known that diets high in salt can be bad for people with high blood pressure. Subjects had all their meals prepared by dietitians. In fact, the family of blood pressure medications called the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, which work by blocking some of… Read More »

New york times paleo diet

Is it a good idea to eat what humans are adapted to eat, by evolution? Something like the paleo diet, including avoiding processed foods, refined carbohydrates and added sugars? Nina Teicholz comments on the article . Brody should include the fact that she has promoted the Mediterranean diet for decades now and has staked her… Read More »

Eating only select times of day diet

Many people are concerned that if they start fasting they will either stop making muscle or maybe even burn muscle. Some studies show that eating the largest meal of the day later in the evening, instead of during the day, increases cardiometabolic risk factors. The sad reality however is that most people are actually eating… Read More »