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Aduhelm and how money and politics supersede science

Alzheimer’s disease is not the only cause of dementia, but it is the most common.  The many other types of dementia, e.g., Lewy body, vascular or frontotemporal, mostly affect older adults. Collectively, dementias are terrible diseases striking at the essence of what makes us human beings. I wonder if dementia, Alzheimer’s disease particularly, is the… Read More »

#Healthin2Point00, Episode 206 | Walmart buys MeMD, Science 37 SPACs out, Vim & Zoe

Health in 2 Point 00 May 11, 2021• Today in #Healthin2Point00, Jessica is not impressed by my stock trading and it’s all Walmart’s fault (well, Amazon’s too)! Part of the reason for that is Walmart buying a no-name telehealth company–well it has a name but not one anyone knows. There’s a SPAC exit on the… Read More »

This huge music festival is just one big COVID-19 science experiment

Bare-mouthed Brits are partying like their lives depend on it. A multi-event festival took place over the weekend as part of ongoing research organized by the UK’s Events Research Programme to examine the risk of coronavirus transmission in large public gatherings. Admission to the state-sponsored events required proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to… Read More »

Science diet optimal care cat food

In this case, the food the product after moisture is. References 1 The nutrient in is already supplemented with fish. Republic of Singapore English. . A growing number of pet owners are becoming aware of the potential dangers these ingredients bring and are shunning all foods containing BHA and BHT. Denmark – Danmark. A quick… Read More »