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Natural Immunity Protects You More Than Three mRNA COVID Jabs

Throughout the pandemic, government officials refused to acknowledge that prior infection with COVID-19 results in natural immunity — immunity that’s superior to that achieved via a COVID-19 shot. In a White House briefing held in July 2022, Dr. Anthony Fauci continued to spread the myth that you can’t rely on natural immunity, stating, “Immunity wanes,… Read More »

Sirt1 protects against high-fat diet-induced metabolic damage

Pfluger PT et al. Nature- Issue Date. J EndocrinolR25-R Matsumoto. Metabolism 56, – China Life. Matsumoto, M. Diabetologia 49, — Hepatic fatty acid uptake: possible role in steatosis. Cite this article Geng, C. In addition to the reduced expression high-fat inflammatory cytokines, the expression of the antioxidant proteins manganese superoxide dismutase MnSOD and the nuclear… Read More »