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What to Know: Drugstore Loyalty Programs

What to Know: Drugstore Loyalty Programs Chloe LiuReporting for Wirecutter 💰 Tero Vesalainen / iStock Rite Aid’s free rewards program, Wellness+, is good for those who make big purchases: By spending $ 250, you’ll accumulate 250 Wellness+ points and earn 10 percent off qualifying in-store purchases. NYT > Well

What to Expect from Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Many states require pharmacy technicians to attend training programs and get national certification. In a few states, the minimum requirement to become a pharmacy technician is a high school diploma or equivalent. Even if states do not require training and certification, having them can boost your confidence and stand out to potential employers. Here’s what… Read More »

Homicides Surge in California Amid Covid Shutdowns of Schools, Youth Programs

Amid a pandemic that left law enforcement agencies stretched thin and forced shutdowns that left young men with little to do, California registered a devastating surge in homicides in 2020 that hit especially hard in Black and Latino communities. The number of homicide victims in California jumped 27% from 2019 to 2020, to about 2,300,… Read More »

Free digital diet programs

Most people who use Noom lose one to two pounds per week. FastPaleo One of the fastest-rising food and lifestyle programs is the Paleolithic diet — called “Paleo,” for short. Also, in addition to user ratings, the astute members of the HappyCow community do well to give comprehensive nutritional information and tidbits beyond “try the… Read More »