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Gum Disease Increases Risk of Mental Health Problems by 37%

A collaborative study1,2 64,379 people’s medical records discovered that patients with periodontal disease have a 37% higher risk of developing mental health illness. The research team from the University of Birmingham also found that 60,995 had gingivitis and 3,384 had periodontitis.3 The data from these individuals were compared against 251,161 healthy individuals without any record… Read More »

Thyroid problems and vegan diet

Everyone is different, some diet htyroid need to vegan all three thyroid those foods indefinitely. Problems had my thyroid removed due to suspicious nodules. My daughter has problems general autoimmune marker and volatile thyroid levels depending on what she eats or what meds she was given. Thyroid and fast metabolism revolution diet plan dvd Not… Read More »

Is there a diet for thyroid problems

Iodine is a trace mineral that plays a critical role in the formation of the primary thyroid hormone thyroxine. On the other hand, excess iodine can also cause goiter. Prevent iodine deficiency by choosing to eat the right amounts of iodine rich foods such as seaweeds, iodised salt and seafood. Seaweeds are the numero uno… Read More »