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New york times paleo diet

Is it a good idea to eat what humans are adapted to eat, by evolution? Something like the paleo diet, including avoiding processed foods, refined carbohydrates and added sugars? Nina Teicholz comments on the article . Brody should include the fact that she has promoted the Mediterranean diet for decades now and has staked her… Read More »

Paleo diet fitness guru

For more than two and a half million years, this was the way humans of the Paleolithic Era between 2. And according to some, like Dr. Loren Cordain, a professor of health and exercise science at Colorado State University, this is the way it should still be. Endorsed early on as a worthy idea by… Read More »

Paleo diet 7 day meal plan

A week of healthy paleo diet recipes, plus breakfast and lunch ideas to round out each day. The paleo diet suggests the solution to modern-day health issues, such as obesity and other chronic diseases, is to revert back to the eating habits of our ancestors during the Paleolithic time period, when neither processed food, nor… Read More »