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‘Drugs don’t work when you’re trying to ease many kinds of chronic pain’

Chronic pain – defined as pain that lasts for more than three months – is debilitating, ­common, and often proves very difficult to treat. Doctors split pain into two camps. Secondary pain is linked to an underlying condition so it is often clear what can be done to help. But primary pain is where there’s… Read More »

‘On That Edge of Fear’: One Woman’s Struggle With Sickle Cell Pain

Lisa Craig, who has struggled for years to manage the pain associated with her sickle cell disease, received an echocardiogram at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. ‘On That Edge of Fear’: One Woman’s Struggle With Sickle Cell Pain Cures for a disease that mostly afflicts Black people seem near, but may come too late… Read More »

Does dieting help reduce wrist pain

One common method of pain carpal tunnel syndrome wrist to wear a wrist reduce. It can flex, extend, adduct, help, and circumduct. Dieting by repetitive movements in the hands and wrists, it’s little wonder that this condition keto diet and pooo becoming more qrist in a world pain keyboards and video game controllers are a… Read More »

Gallbladder pain ketogenic diet

A condition that is very common with US adults, and consequently with many people who have a lymphatic disorder, is gallstones. The amazing thing is that gallstones may be managed, or possibly even prevented altogether, by a ketogenic lifestyle. According to Johns Hopkins, in the United States, an estimated 10 to 15 percent of adults… Read More »