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‘Diet, yoga and feeling loved could help you fight Covid and chronic illness’

Most deaths from Covid have been in people who have one or more chronic diseases. And most experts believe the likes of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, ­autoimmune diseases and dementia have much in common – a big one being they are affected by our lifestyle choices, which result in a healthy or… Read More »

How to fight hunger when dieting

Eat, drink, and be merry. Our body gets used to a level of energy through our nutrition. While the number on the scale moves downward, the brain is secretly sabotaging our efforts. Hunger pangs try to force energy intake back to its original level. Our brain, thinking our body is starving, kicks into conservation mode.… Read More »

Protein diet to fight cancer

Questions about your appointment or need to make a change? When cooking vegetables, steam only until tender. Fortunately, high-fiber diets have specifically been associated with the reduced risk of colorectal cancer. Make an appointment. Your BMI is in the overweight range. Becoming a patient. That said, if you want to include dairy and meat in… Read More »