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Proven diets for fast weight loss

First Thing election special: ‘Ebola tsar’ becomes Biden’s chief of staff. Ad Microsoft. Full screen. Quick and dirty Does bikini season sneak up on you each summer? Is your soon-to-be worn wedding dress still just a touch too tight? Were your holiday outfits uncomfortably snug? Did a last-minute invite for a beach getaway come your… Read More »

How people feel on high fat diets

What is a high fat diet anyway? See, this way of eating is how humans have been eating for thousands of years. More on this topic to follow. Let us see what we can learn from the data. High blood sugar and high insulin levels in turn lead to overweight, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and eventually… Read More »

What are new age diets

Well your body is a temple only if you treat it like one and not be a guinea pig! The new age diet mantras actually play with our minds and are not good for health in long term. What we need is to make lifestyle changes instead of experimenting with something new every week. Here… Read More »