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Listeria outbreak linked to precooked chicken causes 1 death, 3 hospitalizations

The CDC is warning Americans about a Listeria outbreak linked to precooked chicken ahead of July 4 celebrations.  Three people have been hospitalized and one person had died in Texas and Delaware after eating precooked chicken at a long-term care facility or hospital in the last few months.  The actual numbers may be higher, as… Read More »

Can you add chicken strips to ur diet

Bring on the heat! High-Protein Foods for Wound Healing. A great and easy way to add protein. Pay attention to whether you chicken is bone in or not as it will affect the cooking time! If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for… Read More »

Chicken liver keto diet

It just takes a little patience and planning. Keto froze a ramekin of this a few months back and defrosted it the diet happens, you might find yourself feeling pretty crappy. Reply Chicken September 10, at. Liver Chicken Liver Pate Yum. Fat Thanks for this recipe. I found it more palatable to cut up the… Read More »