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Matthew’s health care tidbits

Health Policy Jul 17, 2021• Each week I’ve been adding a brief tidbits section to the THCB Reader, our weekly newsletter that summarizes the best of THCB that week (Sign up here!). Then I had the brainwave to add them to the blog. They’re short and usually not too sweet! –Matthew Holt In this week’s… Read More »

Biden Should Extend a “Public Option” as a Message to “Health Care Royalists”

By MIKE MAGEE In this world of political theatrics, with Democratic legislators from Texas forced into exodus to preserve voters’ rights, and Tucker Carlson rantings about Rep. Eric Swalwell riding shirtless on a camel in Qatar streaming relentlessly, Americans can be excused if they missed a substantive and historic news event last week. On Friday,… Read More »

Blockchain in health care and in your portfolio [PODCAST]

“The future of health care will be focused on prevention rather than focused on performing excessive medical treatments, diagnostic tests, and procedures. Many centralized processes, services, products, and entities will become unbundled, including insurance, hospitalization, inpatient and outpatient coding, medical billing, payments, patient care, medical education, licensure, and certification. Physicians, including Leah Houston, MD, are… Read More »

Joe Biden’s $400B home care plan excludes millions of seniors

Millions of seniors enrolled in Medicare would miss out on the expanded access to in-home care benefits proposed in the Biden administration’s $ 400 billion plan to boost the caregiving industry. The administration’s $ 2 trillion infrastructure package, called the American Jobs Plan, would use $ 400 billion to expand access to in-home care under… Read More »