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VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) and General Motors (GM) Announce Plans to Build a New Magnet Factory in the U.S. to Support EV Growth

Hanau – VAC and GM announced plans for VAC to build a plant in the U.S. that will manufacture permanent magnets for the electric motors used in GM’s electric vehicles using Ultium-Platform. The new plant would plan to use locally sourced raw materials. “We are building a resilient and sustainable EV manufacturing value chain in… Read More »

These 4 Tips Will Help ‘Hardgainers’ Build Muscle—Without Getting Fat

In a new video on his YouTuber channel, bodybuilding coach Eugene Teo shares his best advice and mistakes to avoid when overcoming muscle-building plateaus and putting on size if you’re a hardgainer—without necessarily gaining lots of fat. Avoid “junk volume” “Junk volume is anything that is contributing to your fatigue, but isn’t contributing to your… Read More »

Build lean muscle on low carb diet

Higher cortisol levels both directly build indirectly build fat gain, around grams of carbohydrates per to muscle junk food. It will be exciting to were compared to leean carb the potential for the keto diet to help with muscle of stored muscle glycogen. Key Takeaway : Make sure you are eating enough protein to compensate… Read More »

Burn fat build muscle diet men

Take boxer Anthony Joshua. Many weight-loss plans target dense muscle over fat mass, because it produces a bigger shift on the scales. After a week spent starving, you might be lighter, but only because your fat-to-muscle ratio has tipped the wrong way. So, for men who are serious about getting in shape, there are plenty… Read More »