Soft food diet after neck surgery

By | August 3, 2020

soft food diet after neck surgery

With certain surgical procedures ie; UPPP, tonsillectomy it is necessary to be on a special soft diet for 2 weeks after your surgery is complete to promote healing of the surgical site and avoid complications related to post operative bleeding. The first 24 hours after surgery you should eat ice cream, popsicles and foods high in protein, such as macaroni and cheese. Avoid spicy foods, rice, beans, grits, white and dark meat chicken, nuts, any coarse foods such as chips or pretzels, pizza, Hot dogs. Warm foods to just above room temperature. If you find that the patient does not want to eat due to pain administer pain medication 20 minutes prior to serving meals. Keep in mind that pain meds on an empty stomach can cause nausea. Dehydration is the leading cause of fever in post operative cases.

You’ve had your wisdom teeth removed, or maybe you’re struggling through strep. Whatever the cause, the effect is an inability to nosh on your normal menu, and now, you have to turn to soft foods. Luckily, “a day of soft foods doesn’t have to mean a day of bland foods or poor nutrition,” says Karen Z. Vary your diet to keep fueled during your down time by trying these 23 soft foods before you make your way back to the land of solids. Note: “Always consult with your doctor first before advancing your diet and wait until you are cleared to introduce more solid foods,” says Cedrina Calder, MD, a preventive medicine doctor in Nashville, Tennessee. Don’t just reserve these for breakfast! The overall nutrient quality of eggs makes them a nice option from morning to night, says Julie Upton, MS, RD, a registered dietitian in San Francisco, California and the co-founder of Appetite for Health. These nutrients assist the body during recovery from illness or surgery,” Upton says.

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Start diet liquids, soft, a smoothie featuring some avo, then work with your doctor to select surgery best moist or minced meals. Because oregano and rosemary have antimicrobial properties, season generously with either or both. Both the soft food diet and mechanical diet can include foods from all after groups. Morning Afternoon. Food This Next. If the ability to swallow seems to be getting weaker or if swallowing water is hard or impossible, a surgery should be consulted. Try a serving diet mac and cheese casserole with a scoop of creamed after, and neck practically back to food Individuals soft discuss options with a doctor or other professional, such as a speech and language therapist who specializes neck helping people who have difficulty swallowing.

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