Is a vegan diet truly cruelty free

By | May 15, 2021

is a vegan diet truly cruelty free

By Imogen Blake For Mailonline. People choose to be vegan to oppose exploitation of and cruelty to animals for food, beauty or clothing. However the lifestyle is not necessarily cruelty-free, despite what many believe. Meat-eaters debated with those who enjoy a plant-based diet online to point out that workers are often exploited to produce crops favoured by vegans such as quinoa, and that pest control is ‘essential’ for food production worldwide. Some vegans say the lifestyle is cruelty free – but a lot of people dispute this due to the exploitation of workers who harvest crops and pest control which is essential for farming. The debate began on Tumblr when user rosasdesal told her followers that veganism is not ‘affordable,’ ‘cruelty free’, or ‘the best choice for everyone’. Vegan user caged-freedom shot her down quickly by stating that the lifestyle can be affordable, is cruelty free and everyone should adopt a plant-based diet. However meat-eaters then proceeded to point out that a vegan lifestyle is often not completely cruelty free due to the exploitation of workers that harvest crops, pest control, and farming methods that accidentally harm animals in the process. Their points could make you think twice about switching to a vegan diet – but others say that although it’s nearly ‘impossible’ to live a cruelty free life, trying to be more ethical should always be encouraged and rewarded. Some said that those who claim veganism is cruelty free ignore the exploitation of farm workers, stating that , children harvest crops in the US – a claim reported in The Atlantic in

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While there are clear environmental and health benefits to veganism, the most compelling argument for removing animal products from your diet is ultimately an ethical one. Animals — yes, even fish — are complex creatures that are fully capable of experiencing pain and joy. If we are to honor this fact, avoiding the use of animal products entirely is the logical choice. Each year in the U. These animals are often killed indiscriminately, often in painful, drawn-out ways. The current trend of free-range farming will only mean more collateral damage to animals living freely in nearby areas. If we are to be truly informed and ethical eaters, it is necessary to understand the harsh realities of egg farming, too. Here are some facts you might not be aware of. The situation in a modern dairy farm is no less grim. Most newborn calves are forcibly removed from their mothers within 12 hours so that milking can begin.

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