How many people diet every year

By | April 29, 2021

how many people diet every year

The food we eat is putting 11 million of us into an early grave each year, an influential study shows. The analysis, in the Lancet, found that our daily diet is a bigger killer than smoking and is now involved in one in five deaths around the world. Researchers say this study is not about obesity, but “poor quality” diets damaging hearts and causing cancer. The Global Burden of Disease Study is the most authoritative assessment of how people are dying in every country in the world. The latest analysis used estimates of countries’ eating habits to pin down how often diet was shortening lives. Low levels of nuts, seeds, vegetables, omega-3 from seafood and fibre were the other major killers. About 10 million out of the 11 million diet-related deaths were because of cardiovascular disease and that explains why salt is such a problem. Too much salt raises blood pressure and that in turn raises the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

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