How does diet affect reynauds

By | May 22, 2021

how does diet affect reynauds

First, there is the vasospastic nature of the disease, in which the blood vessels of the extremities constrict. This causes diminished circulation which then leads to temperature and skin color changes. Second, there is the stress-related nature of the disease which can serve to trigger symptoms. Some are simple omissions of foods and beverages which can adversely affect the system. Some are vitamin related. As always, it is wise to make your physician aware of any supplements you are taking. It is a given that smoking should be avoided due to its vaso-restrictive properties. Additionally, caffeine-containing products such as coffee, certain soft drinks and chocolate also affect blood vessel constriction, and should be avoided. It is my opinion that autoimmune diseases are often affected by the foods we eat. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, for example, fasting has shown to provide symptom relief.

View profile. Most people with primary Raynaud’s disease do not need specific treatment. The quality of the air we breathe plays a vital role as well, as cigarette smoke, which is known to decrease available micronutrients, may be an independent risk factor. It can also lift your mood. Pilates focuses on rebalancing the body and improving posture through slow, controlled movements and exercises. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, for example, fasting has shown to provide symptom relief. James WD, et al. In very cold weather, wear a hat and mittens to conserve as much warmth as possible. Health and Wellness. Eating protein can help the body to heal quicker with recovering from surgery or suffering from digital ulcers.

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All of the above would have been worth it if they worked. I never experienced a real benefit, and finally gave up on the herb treatments. The first is a report on the results of a clinical trial using Korean red ginseng.

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