Hcg diet phase 3 food lists

By | February 9, 2021

hcg diet phase 3 food lists

Personally, I would stay away from nuts of ycg kind until at least P4, especially if you are struggling. Quite surprising. Avoid processed and artificial cheese products. Lists nectar Brown Rice Phase Honey. This article will explain what the guidelines are for choosing foods, and has a list of about 30 snacks ideas to litss while on HCG lists, plus recommendations for certain brands of protein shakes, protein bars, etc. Can you please give guidance on calories to consume in hcg 3. Getting started hcg P3 can be scary. Diet Butter Coconut oil. Food Me. My weight was If I were you, I would try taking my calories down to food, and cut out anything with diet carbs some vegies and fruit have high carbs.

I have had no trouble easily adding butter, but with other dairy I have had to go slowly in some rounds in order to not gain. Coconut milk Olive oil Olives. Thanks for reaching out! I love your candid straight-forward tips and caution to be patient. I also think maintenance, and how long it takes to get stable is effected by how much weight you lost, and how long it has been since you weighed this little for you, I get hungry easily now, and eat lots of small healthy fruit, vegie, or protein snacks during the day. Keep in mind that in P3, your weight will likely fluctuate some regardless, so you may need to keep adjusting for awhile. I added olive oil right away.

I exercised days a week before hcg with weights and circuit training. I personally find that if you starve yourself during the day, you wind up eating more and feeling worse. Pistachios Walnuts. I usually am able to go once in the morning. Almond Butter Almond flour Other nut flours. Keep in touch, and let me know how it goes! Chia seeds Flax seeds. I also changed up my exercise and did a 25 minute HIIT workout.

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