Gluten free diet cures asthma

By | June 7, 2021

gluten free diet cures asthma

You may have tried to eliminate certain things from your life to reduce your symptoms, such as exposure to specific allergens like dust and certain pollens. Maybe this is not enough. According to the Gluten Free Society, the number of people who suffer from both asthma and gluten intolerance continues to grow in the US. In , the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reported that there might be a correlation. For example, bakers seem to have an increased risk of asthma, and this has been reported as early as Bakers breathe in flour, and it has been shown that this causes an IgE response — this reaction triggers the immune system to produce histamine, which causes asthma symptoms, along with other allergy symptoms. In fact, there is an estimated 20 million cases of asthma, 30 million cases of gluten sensitivity and 1 million cases of celiac disease. Is it prudent to advise people with asthma to avoid gluten? Triggers, of course, are foods that contain wheat, an avoidance of these foods is paramount.

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