Does diet cola have caffeine

By | April 12, 2021

does diet cola have caffeine

By Daily Mail Reporter. Laboratory tests found that Diet Coke contained mg of caffeine per litre, compared to mg in regular Coca-Cola. Diet cola drinks contain higher levels of caffeine than regular versions, according to new research. Caffeine is linked to hyperactivity in children, however manufacturers such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and energy drinks companies are not required to label levels in their products. As a result, families do not realise that apparently healthier diet drinks may contain more caffeine, which can effect behaviour. This equates to 46mg of caffeine in a normal-sized ml can of Diet Coke compared to 36mg in a can of regular Coca Cola, according to the research commissioned by the Sunday Times. Diet Pepsi also had more caffeine, with mg per litre compared to mg in its regular product. The tests showed that caffeine levels also fluctuated in the own-brand cola drinks produced by supermarkets. The Morrisons’ version contained the most caffeine, with mg per litre, while Tesco’s Diet Cola contained the least at 95mg per litre. However, this regime will not cover many cola drinks which fall just below this threshold. Nutritionists and health experts have warned that high-caffeine drinks, often consumed by children, could pose a risk to health and said the test results showed that more needed to be done to safeguard children.

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