Diet for liver damage

By | October 12, 2020

diet for liver damage

Good nutrition can help to support your liver to function and plays a crucial role in your health. Eating a good, balanced diet to maintain strength and a healthy weight is essential for people with liver problems. If you have a liver condition, it’s important to understand how your liver is affected by the food you eat; the elements of a well-balanced diet suitable for most people; disease specific dietary considerations and special or therapeutic nutritional diets for those with more advanced liver disease. If you have already been given dietary advice you should not make changes without first talking to your consultant or dietitian. If you have a liver condition, there are some special considerations you may need to make in your diet to stay nutritionally well and to help to manage your condition. Some of these are specific to certain liver diseases, others relate to how advanced your liver disease is. If you are experiencing symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, low energy levels, fluid retention in the legs or accumulation of fluid in the abdomen ascites, you will need to follow a more specialised diet. These, and other problems associated with advanced liver disease, require specialist dietary advice from a registered dietitian. It is important that you talk to your doctor as well as reading this information. Your consultant will be able to refer you to a registered dietitian.

So, what should you eat to ensure that your liver can function normally? Still, here are some general food tips for a healthy or healthier liver. Bile is a liquid made in the liver that helps break down fats in the small intestine. Bile duct disease keeps bile from flowing to the small intestine. Hepatitis C is a disease of the liver caused by the hepatitis C virus. You get the message because your liver is able to function properly and, provided your overall health is good, you feel in great physical shape. When you consume fatty or fried foods, and pile on the salt, your liver literally is under attack. The result: Liver disease and, possibly, disorders that could affect other organs. In addition to eating a healthy diet, exercise regularly. For more details, click here Healthy Eating at Home with Jessica Dean Making and eating healthy food can be difficult, especially during the current crisis when you’re stuck at home. She also discusses eating Turkey Burger In the Doctor’s Kitchen Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly helps the liver to work well.

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