Comparison intermittent fasting diets

By | November 6, 2020

comparison intermittent fasting diets

There are hundreds of diets out there and all of them state that they will help a person lose weight and be healthy. This can make it tricky to find one that works. One diet that has recently gained in popularity is the intermittent fasting diet. Most traditional diets will provide guidelines about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. An intermittent fasting diet does not limit the types of food a person can eat. This is one of the reasons that it is more appealing to some people. Many diets require a person to count calories or to at least consider the number of calories that they are eating.

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Intermittent diets comparison fasting

Objective: Caloric restriction CR is proven to be effective in increasing life span and it is well known that, nutritional habits, sleeping pattern and meal frequency have profound effects on human health. In Ramadan some Muslims fast during the day-light hours for a month, providing us a unique model of intermittent fasting IF in humans. Design: Single-arm Interventional Human Study. Setting: Follow-up is designed as 12 months of CR, after which there was a month of IF and 11 months of CR again, to be totally 24 months. Subjects’ daily diets were aligned as low calorie diet during CR and during the IF period, the same subjects fasted for 15 hours in a day for a month and there was no daily calorie restriction. Nutritional pattern was changed as 1 meal in the evening and a late supper before sleeping and no eating and drinking during the day light hours in the IF model. Subjects made brisk walking twice a day during the whole follow-up including both CR and IF periods. GH levels were at baseline at the beginning, increased in the first six months and stayed steady during the CR and IF period than began decreasing after the IF period, while IGF-I increased gradually during the CR period and beginning with the 7th day of IF period, it decreased and kept on decreasing till the end of the follow-up.

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