Can a vegan diet cause gallstones

By | November 11, 2020

can a vegan diet cause gallstones

Vegetarian diets may lower symptomatic gallstone disease via cholesterol lowering. This study aimed to examine the risk of symptomatic gallstone disease GSD in Taiwanese vegetarians vs. We prospectively followed participants, and in the 29, person-years of follow-up, new incident GSD cases were confirmed. Diet was assessed through a validated food frequency questionnaire. Blood cholesterol profiles were measured at recruitment. Cox regression was applied to assess the effect of diet on symptomatic GSD, adjusting for age, education, smoking, alcohol, physical activities, diabetes, kidney diseases, body mass index, lipid-lowering medication, and hypercholesterolemia. Vegetarian diet was associated with a decreased risk of symptomatic GSD compared with nonvegetarian diet in women hazard ratio [HR], 0. In women, nonvegetarians with hypercholesterolemia had 3. A vegetarian diet may therefore protect against GSD independent of baseline hypercholesterolemia. A nonvegetarian diet and hypercholesterolemia may have an additive effect in increasing GSD risk in women. Gallstone disease GSD is a worldwide disease.

Keywords: vegetarian diet, gallstone disease, cholesterol, prospective cohort. Now, most Americans don’t have nearly enough fiber in their diets, so cholesterol has nothing to adhere to in the intestinal tract. While the risk of cholelithiasis is lower in vegetarians, a study looked at the risk factors that remained among vegetarians themselves. The No. Finally, the study was conducted in Taiwanese Buddhists who generally consume a healthy diet adequate amount of fiber and vegetables, with little to moderate amount of animal products compared with Western populations, so the generalizability to other population requires additional studies. Effects of dietary cholesterol on cholesterol and bile acid homeostasis in patients with cholesterol gallstones. Blood cholesterol profiles were measured at recruitment. Pixley F, Mann J. More on Health and Nutrition News.

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