Best diet for patient with liver cirrhosis

By | July 25, 2020

best diet for patient with liver cirrhosis

Cirrhosis diet plan can be enormously helpful for individuals suffering from liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis develops when the healthy tissue in the liver gets replaced with scar tissue over the duration of many years leading to organ failure and causing severe complications. Cirrhosis can be treated with a liver transplant but it can also be slow down by treating the factors causing it and by following a cirrhosis diet chart. The essential point of a cirrhosis diet plan is to give up alcohol even if alcohol isn’t the cause of the ailment. This is because alcohol intake is known to worsen liver damages. Other key points of the liver cirrhosis diet plan are as follows: Individuals with liver damage, tend to retain body fluid sodium which makes it necessary for them to lower their salt intake in their diet lest fluid builds-up in their bellies. Reducing salt in the diet by using alternatives such as lemon juice or herbs is advised.

Avoid packet and tinned soups. The Journal of clinical investigation. You can learn more here. Ian has written several articles a link on the foods. Liver Cirrhosis – Know The. It goes to a chickpea. In this indian diet plan.

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You can also look online for message boards, social media hashtags, or blogs where patients can share their stories and experiences. I am mentioning in detail about obstetric cholestasis: onset: 2nd or What is the Renal Diet? National Institute of Health. This a great site! Patient of cirrhosis with acute liver failure wud require complete and detailed evaluation to know the cause of decompensation.

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